Drying Oven For Laboratory

The drying oven with Several sets of data shows in a big LCD screen and the operation interface can be easily understood and handling. The German-imported blower, lifetime can be lengthened twice over. Blower’s fast and slow speed control mode, temperature uniformity can be improved. Unique air duct system, no manual adjustment any more. Vapor can be released automatically. Over-temperature deviation protection and microcomputer PID blurred controller, quick achieve to the design temperature with steady operation. The product is applied in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory, R&D institution and other places for desiccation, baking dewaxing and sterilization.

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Drying Oven for Laboratory


1. Drying Oven for Laboratory Summery

The drying oven with Several sets of data shows in a big LCD screen and the operation interface can 

be easily understood and handling. 

The German-imported blower, lifetime can be lengthened twice over. 

Blower’s fast and slow speed control mode, temperature uniformity can be improved. 

Unique air duct system, no manual adjustment any more. Vapor can be released automatically. 

Over-temperature deviation protection and microcomputer 

PID blurred controller, quick achieve to the design temperature with steady operation.

The product is applied in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory, R&D institution and other places for desiccation, baking dewaxing and sterilization.



2. Drying Oven for Laboratory Technical Indicators


3. Drying Oven for Laboratory Showing Photo of




4. Drying Oven for Laboratory Application Areas 

The product is applied in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory, R&D institution and other places for desiccation, baking dewaxing and sterilization.

5. Features of the High Temperature LAB Ovens

● With Several sets of data shows in a big LCD screen

● the operation interface can be easily understood and handling

● The German-imported blower, lifetime can be lengthened twice over

● Blower’s fast and slow speed control mode, temperature uniformity can be improved. 

● Unique air duct system, no manual adjustment any more

● Vapor can be released automatically. 

● Stainless-steel interior, chamber corners are semicircle

● Over-temperature deviation protection and microcomputer 


6. Buisness information

Plug: America / European / Australia/ standard, and so on

Strictly quality control when producing

OEM Design : YES

We could start by one unit

One year's guarantee from date on B/L. Normally.

Sale Area : International 

Packing: Wooden box

Shipped in 7 days after payment

Warranty: 12 months

Voltage: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz. 


7. Sending with Below Items



8. Transportation


9. Service

Normally all MesuLab products are supplied with a warranty of 12 Months from the date of shipment. This warranty is entirely dependent on the following conditions: 

1.The following circumstance don't belong to the warranty policy which is Man-made damages caused by improper operations.

2.The instruments must be operated in accordance with our operating guidelines; serviced and maintained on a reg-ular basis in accordance with the terms specified in the relevant user manual.

3. Only approved spare parts should be used in the instruments which bought from MesuLab and these should be changed on a regular basis as specified in the relevant user manual. Details of the approved spare parts and accessories for eaCh instrument are shown in the user manual or alternatively this information can be obtained from MesuLab.

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