Gloss Tester

    • Handheld Digital Gloss Meter

      Handheld Digital Gloss Meter

      Gloss Meters High Sensitivity Carrying with 3 Angles 20 60 85 Degree and USB Interface for Stone 1. Introduction of the 3 A ngles Gloss Meter The ME-HP380 3 angles Gloss Meter is a high quality and high performance...

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    • Portable Gloss Checker

      Portable Gloss Checker

      The ME-CQ-300 portable gloss meter, which is single angle 60°, it is in line with the provisions of ISO 2813 60° test conditions. Powerful, can achieve large-capacity storage of data, through the SD card storage of...

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    • Paint Gloss Meter

      Paint Gloss Meter

      Gloss Meter High Accuracy Electronic Handheld 60 Degree with Auto Calibrate Function 1. Introduction of the 60 D egree G loss M eter The ME-A60 gloss meter is the most small, most of the portable model of the new...

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    • Portable Gloss Meter

      Portable Gloss Meter

      Portable Gloss Meter Digital Single Angle 60 Degree for Plastic and Car Paint 1. Introduction of the Portable Gloss Meter The ME-WGG60 Portable Gloss Meter, in accordance with international standard ISO-1813 and...

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