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Automatic weighing Balance

- Jan 14, 2019 -

Automatic weighing Balance

In the actual work encountered such a situation, with an actual scale graduation value d is 1mg, the scale graduation value e is 10mg, the maximum weighing 200g Mettler electronic balance, used to weigh 7mg of the object, so It is impossible to obtain accurate results: In the "JJG98-90 Non-Automatic Balance Trial Verification Regulations", the maximum allowable error is equal to the verification scale graduation value "e", and the maximum allowable error of this balance is 1e, obviously It is not possible to weigh 7mg of objects; weighing such objects with 15mg is not the best choice because the relative error of the test results will be very large, and a higher level of balance should be selected. Some manufacturers have specified at the factory. The value of the smallest weighing.

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