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Calibrate Steps of electronic balance

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Calibrate Steps of electronic balance 

Take the electronic balance we produced as an example to illustrate how to externally calibrate the balance. Method: 

Press the CAL button when the CAL- appears on the display, the display will appear CAL-100, where “100” is the flashing code, indicating that the calibration weight requires a standard weight of 100g. At this point, the "100g" calibration weight is placed on the weighing plate, and the display will appear in the "----" waiting state. After a long time, the display will appear 100.000g, and the calibration weight will be taken. The display should show 0.000g. If the occurrence is not zero, then clear again, and then repeat the above calibration operation (Note: in order to get accurate calibration results, it is best to repeat the above calibration steps twice).

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