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Calibration for electronic balance

- Dec 18, 2018 -

 electronic balance 


Regarding the calibration method of the electronic balance (be sure to read the manual carefully before use), in the verification (test), we found that the error is large when the balance is first tested. The reason is that a considerable part of the instrument is at a longer interval. 

No calibration has been performed and the balance is considered to be directly weighed by zero display.  

It should be pointed out that the electronic balance starts to display zero point, it can not explain that the accuracy of the balance weighing data meets the test standard, and only indicates that the balance zero stability is qualified. Because it is qualified to measure a balance,

It is also necessary to consider the conformity of other technical indicators. Due to long storage times, positional movements, environmental changes or for accurate measurements, the balance should generally be calibrated prior to use.

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