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Determination of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometric method

- Jul 19, 2017 -

At the time of determination, unless otherwise specified, the same batch of solvents for the preparation of the sample solution is blank controlled, and the absorbance of several points is tested within the specified absorption peak wavelength ±2nm by using a 1cm quartz absorption tank. Or by the instrument in the vicinity of the specified wavelength automatic scanning measurement, to check the absorption peak wavelength position of the product is correct, unless otherwise specified, the absorption peak wavelength should be specified under the variety of wavelength ±2nm within, and the maximum absorbance wavelength as the measurement wavelength. Generally, the absorbance readings of the sample solution are suitable for 0.3 ~ 0.7. The width of slit band of the instrument should be less than one-tenth of the half width of the absorption zone of the test product, otherwise the absorbance will be low; slit width selection, in order to reduce the width of slit, the absorption of the sample will no longer be increased, because the absorption pool and the solvent itself may have blank absorption, so the determination of the absorbance of the test materials should be subtracted from the blank reading, or the instrument automatically deducted from the blank reading after the calculation of the content.

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