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dissolved oxygen tester

- Nov 27, 2018 -

dissolved oxygen tester

It automatically realizes wide-range measurement from ppb level to ppm level. It is a special instrument for measuring oxygen content in liquids in boiler feed water, condensate, environmental protection sewage and other industries. The dissolved oxygen electrode uses a thin film to separate the platinum cathode, the silver anode, and the electrolyte from the outside. In general, the cathode is almost in direct contact with the film. Oxygen diffuses through the membrane at a rate proportional to its partial pressure. The greater the partial pressure of oxygen, the more oxygen is transmitted through the membrane. When dissolved oxygen continuously permeates through the membrane and penetrates into the cavity, it is reduced on the cathode to generate a current, which is displayed on the meter. Since this current is directly proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration, the calibration meter only needs to convert the measured current into a concentration unit.

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