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2017 China Optical Instrument Cutting Edge Technology Symposium

- Dec 02, 2017 -

As the "eye" of scientific research and production, spectroscopy instruments are the "weapon" for people to "do their thing well" and have played an important role in scientific exploration, aerospace, resource exploration, biomedicine, physical chemistry, environmental protection and food testing effect.

In modern scientific instruments, spectrometers occupy a large proportion, but also an early stage of rapid development of a class of instruments, in all spheres of national economy has played a huge role. Global spectrum analyzer market has been showing sustained, steady growth trend. Many domestically produced atomic spectrometry instruments have reached the level of similar foreign instruments, basically meeting the needs of domestic scientific research and economic construction. Some products have also gone out of the country and entered the world market, which is second to none in domestic scientific instruments.

At present, the cutting-edge technologies and new applications in the field of spectroscopy are at a critical period. We must seize the opportunity to carefully summarize the successful experience in the development of spectroscopy. Looking ahead and catching up, we will enable our country's spectrometer research and manufacturing technologies to catch up with the world as soon as possible .

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