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Division of Infrared Spectra

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Infrared spectra are usually divided into three regions: near-infrared region (0.75~2.5μm), Medium infrared region (2.5~25μm) and Far Infrared region (25~300μm). In general, near-infrared spectroscopy is produced by the frequency doubling and frequency of the molecules, and the IR spectra belong to the molecular vibrational spectra, and the far infrared spectra belong to the rotational spectra of molecules and the vibrational spectra of some groups.

Because most of the organic and inorganic basic frequency absorption bands appear in the infrared region, so the middle infrared area is the most research and application of the region, the accumulation of information is the most, the most mature instrument technology. Generally speaking, the infrared spectra refer to the IR spectra.

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