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History of viscometer rotation

- Dec 20, 2017 -

The rotational viscometry pioneered by the Brookfield family in the United States pioneered the measurement of kinematic viscosity using a unique new viscosity value derived from the relationship between shear and drag created between the rotor and the fluid. The Brookfield family has designed the world's first dynamic viscometer under the brand name of their own family, the Rotary Viscometer, the Brookfield Viscometer today. The Brooks family is also shorthand for the name of the Brookfield family.

From the beginning of the dial viscometer, rotating viscometer has undergone 75 years of upgrading, its performance is getting better and better, and then gradually appeared digital viscometer DV-I, DV-II, DV-III more in the viscosity Measurement has made great progress. Making viscosity measurement is not just a simple measurement of viscosity, but also to detect other properties of the fluid, such as thixotropy.

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