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How to purchasing ph meter

- Feb 14, 2018 -

We need to consider the following points when purchasing acidity ph meters:

1. According to the application classification can be divided into: pen pH meter, portable pH meter, laboratory pH meter and industrial pH meter. Pen pH meter is mainly used to replace the function of pH test paper, with low accuracy, easy to use features.

Portable pH meter is mainly used for field and field measurement, requiring higher accuracy and perfect function.

Laboratory pH meter is a desktop high-precision analytical instruments, requiring high precision, full-featured, including printouts, data processing and so on.

Industrial pH meter is used for continuous measurement of industrial processes, not only to measure the display function, but also alarm and control functions, and installation, cleaning, anti-interference and so on.

2. According to the accuracy of pH meter instrument classification: can be divided into 0.2, 0.1, 0.05, 0.01, the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy.

3. According to the type of components: can be divided into transistor, integrated circuit and microcontroller microcomputer, more is the application of microcomputer chips, greatly reducing the size of the instrument and stand-alone costs; but the cost of the development of the chip is expensive

4 according to the reading instructions Category: can be divided into two types of pointer and digital display. Pointer pH meters are rarely used, but pointer meters can display continuous changes in data and are therefore used in titration analysis.

5 to see if there is no function of pH meter, for example, with a standard RS232 interface, there is a heavy weight is the temperature compensation is automatic

Or manual, automatic temperature compensation of the pH meter than the manual temperature compensation of the pH meter to be more convenient, the price between the two you understand.

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