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MesuLab electronic balance

- Jan 02, 2018 -


Electronic balance, used to weigh the quality of objects.

Electronic balances generally use strain-type sensors, capacitive sensors, electromagnetic balance sensors. Strain sensor, simple structure, low cost, but the accuracy is limited.

Capacitive sensors weighing fast, cost-effective, but can not achieve very high accuracy; the use of electromagnetic balance sensor electronic balance. It is characterized by accurate and reliable weighing, showing fast and clear and with automatic detection system, easy automatic calibration device and overload protection devices.


l: Humanized design,novel structure,5 surface completely transparent glass wind shield

2: Adopts double CAM experiment fully automatic internal calibration function, more stable and fast

3: Balance has"preheating""calibration""screen saver"&other applications.

4: Large backlit LCD screen, make the operator visual more soft and clear.


l: With piece, unit conversion (metric carat, gold ounces),full range peel, zero tracking, such as multi-functional, more convenient, reliable operation.

2: Built-in RS232C output interface, can be connected directly to the computer, printer,etc.

3: Built-in hereinafter referred to as hook. Balance in the host, scale, adapter, specification, product certificate, packing list, warranty CARDS, dust cover.

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