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Moisture meter

- Dec 30, 2017 -

Profile Editor

Moisture meter has a beautiful appearance, reliable quality, durability, reasonable price and so on. Rapid moisture analyzer is widely used in all fields need to quickly detect the water area: Among them, the moisture analyzer for laboratory measurement of moisture to control the product of water, improve product quality; portable moisture meter generally applicable In the field of rapid determination, the operation is more simple and greatly enhance the efficiency of business users; use greatly promoted the improvement of product quality in the production process.

Category Editor

Traditional moisture measurement is generally used oven drying method, a sample test takes two or three or even four or five hours, but also through the balance weighing, manual calculation, in order to reach the sample moisture value (moisture content). Oven moisture determination of inefficient, can not adapt to the high-paced production needs of enterprises. The Rapid Moisture Analyzer uses a high-efficiency drying heater - a high-quality ring halogen lamp to rapidly and evenly sample the sample and continuously dry the sample. The entire measurement process, the instrument fully automatic real-time display of measurement results: sample weight, water content, solid content, determination of time, heating temperature.

Column Moisture Analyzer applied the principle of international oven drying method, the determination results and the oven method has good consistency of water determination, the working efficiency is much higher than the oven moisture measurement. Series of rapid moisture analyzer, the general sample only takes a few minutes to measure is completed, so by the majority of users of all ages and praise.

Principle editor

Moisture meter Coulomb Hugh Microcoulometry titration analysis principle, dual platinum electrode detection titration process to single-chip control of measurement and electrolysis and data processing, and automatically print the parameters and measurement results. Instrument with automatic baseline correction, blank compensation, fast balance, good stability, automatic judgment of the end point, the results are accurate, easy to operate, fast analysis, analysis of data repeatability, ease of installation and so on.

Application editor

Widely used in all walks of life products, such as: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic raw materials, rubber, tobacco, tea, textile, meat, food, starch, feed, coal, sand, sewage sludge, dairy and so on. The oximeter is the best choice for the moisture measurement instrument in the process of production and laboratory.

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