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ph meter Installation and maintenance

- Jan 10, 2018 -

ph meter Installation and maintenance

The pH meter is installed in both flow and immersion mode.

Sewage treatment plants are generally used is immersion installation, such as the sewage treatment plant's pH meter installed in the grit tank outlet overflow tank, the pH here is more representative, and the water flow is stable, the pH meter will not Caused a big impact. Regular maintenance helps to accurately measure the meter and extend the life of the meter. Care should be taken that the dedicated cable between the sensor and the transmitter is not damp, otherwise the high impedance low voltage signal from the electrode will not be transmitted to the transmitter.

If the electrode is not measured, the yellow protective sleeve should be put on, which can make the electrode in a wet state, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the electrode. Every other month or so, the electrode should be cleaned by first rinsing the attachment with a soft water jet, then immersing the electrode in the cleaning liquid for a period of time, and then rinsing it with water.

Sensor bracket should also be cleaned. After each cleaning, to use buffer solution calibration, the manufacturer usually provides two bottles of standard solution, a bottle of pH equal to 7, used to calibrate the instrument zero; a bottle of pH equal to 4, used to calibrate the signal output slope of the instrument .

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