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PH meter maintenance

- Feb 02, 2018 -

PH meter maintenance

1, pH glass electrode storage

Short-term: stored in pH = 4 buffer solution;

Long term: Store in pH = 7 buffer solution.

2, pH glass electrode cleaning

Contamination of the glass electrode bulb may increase electrode response time. Available CCl4 or soap 揩 decontamination, and then immersed in distilled water after a day and night continue to use. Pollution is serious, you can use 5% HF solution soak for 10 to 20 minutes, rinse immediately with water, and then immersed in 0.1N HCl solution day and night continue to use.

3, glass electrode aging treatment

The aging of the glass electrode is related to the gradual change of the adhesive layer structure. The old electrode slow response, high membrane resistance, low slope. Etching the outer layer with hydrofluoric acid often improves electrode performance. If you can use this method to regularly clear the inner and outer layers, the life of the electrode is almost unlimited.

4, reference electrode storage

Silver - silver chloride electrode is the best storage solution is saturated potassium chloride solution, high concentrations of potassium chloride solution can prevent the precipitation of silver chloride in the liquid junction, and maintain liquid junction in working condition. This method is also suitable for the storage of composite electrodes.

5, the reference electrode regeneration

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