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Portable refractometer operating instructions

- Dec 15, 2017 -

1, the hand-held portable refractometer is a precision optical instrument used to measure the concentration of liquid. With simple operation, easy to carry, easy to use, less measuring fluid, accurate and rapid. Is the scientific research, machining, food processing and marine aquaculture essential equipment.

2, the main technical parameters:

Optical system magnification 3 times;

Measuring range and minimum scale: see parameters

3, product structure:

①, Reflector ②, Cover ③, Calibration screw ④, Optical system tube ⑤, Eyepiece (Visual adjustment ring)

4, measurement procedures:

Align the refractive prism ① with the bright direction and adjust the eyepiece sight ring ⑤ until the marking line is clear.

Adjust the baseline: Before the determination of the first standard solution (purified water), the instrument and the liquid under test based on the same temperature. Open the cover ②, and then take 1 to 2 drops of standard liquid drops on the prism, and gently press the cover ② draw a light and dark line. Rotate the calibration bolt ③ so that the dark and light boundaries in the field of view of the eyepiece coincide with the reference line (0%);

Note: Convenient refractometer factory has been calibrated, can be used directly.

Open the cover ②, wipe the prism surface with a soft flannel, take 1 to 2 drops of the solution under test drops on the prism, cover ② gently press, read the relative scale of light and dark line, that is measured Liquid content

After the measurement, wipe off the surface of the prism and the attachment on the cover directly with a damp velvet cloth, and when it is dry, store it properly.

5, matters needing attention and maintenance:

After use, it is forbidden to directly rinse with tap water to avoid water infiltration in the optical system.

In the use and maintenance should be gently, carefully maintained, the surface of optical components should not scratch injury;

Portable refractometer should be dry, dust-free, non-corrosive gas environment, so as not to mold the surface of optical components;

Prism contact with the measured object is a consumable, can not be repaired, please understand;

Users must abide by the above methods of use, or if the damage is not covered by the warranty, no warranty.

6, the instrument installed in a special box, accessories are 1, manual; 2, screwdriver; 3, straw; 4, flannel.

7, temperature correction:

Portable refractometer is based on the reference temperature of 20 ℃ to design, automatic temperature compensation at room temperature with automatic temperature compensation without checking the table. Normal type should be calibrated at 20 ℃ standard line, and then when the temperature is below 20 ℃, the measured percentage of sugar minus the revised value, and vice versa with the correction value.

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