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rechargeable and non-rechargeable pH electrodes

- Mar 10, 2018 -

What is the difference between rechargeable and non-rechargeable pH composite electrodes?

pH composite electrode shell with plastic and glass distinction. There is a filling hole in the shell of the rechargeable pH composite electrode. When the external reference solution of the electrode is lost, the filling hole can be opened to replenish the KCl solution. Non-rechargeable pH composite electrode containing gel-like KCl, not easy to drain without liquid hole.

The characteristic of the rechargeable pH composite electrode is that the reference solution has a higher permeation rate, the liquid junction potential is stable and reproducible, and the measurement accuracy is high. And when the reference electrode to reduce or contaminated KCl solution can be added or replaced, but the disadvantage is the use of more trouble. When the rechargeable pH composite electrode should be used to open the liquid hole to increase the liquid pressure to speed up the electrode response, when the liquid level is lower than the liquid hole 2cm, should be timely replenishment of the new liquid.

Non-rechargeable pH composite electrode is characterized by easy maintenance and easy to use, it has also been widely used. However, when used as a laboratory pH electrode, the KCl concentration at the liquid junction will decrease under long-term and continuous use conditions, affecting the test accuracy. Therefore, non-rechargeable pH composite electrode when not in use, should be immersed in the electrode soaking solution, so the next test electrode performance will be good, and most of the laboratory pH electrode is not a long-term and continuous test, so this pair of structures The impact of accuracy is relatively small. The industrial pH composite electrode due to the low accuracy of the test, so easy to use has become the main choice.

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