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- Nov 08, 2018 -


A refractometer, also known as a refractometer, is an instrument that uses light to test the concentration of liquid. It is used to measure refractive index, birefringence, and lightness. Refractive index is one of the important physical constants of matter. Many pure substances have a certain refractive index. If the substance contains impurities, the refractive index will change, and the deviation will occur. The more impurities, the larger the deviation.

The refractometer is mainly composed of a high refractive index prism (lead glass or cubic zirconia), a prism mirror, a lens, a scale (internal or external scale), and an eyepiece.

The refractometer has a hand-held refractometer, a sugar refractometer, a honey refractometer, a gem refractometer, a digital refractometer, a fully automatic refractometer, and an online refractometer.

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