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Rotary viscometer calibration procedure

- Apr 24, 2018 -

1. Preparation of thermostatic conditions for viscosity measurement containers;


2. Select the combination of rotor and speed according to the operating rules of the rotating viscometer. Each rotor and speed combination forms a full-scale range (measurement range); the combination selection principle is to make the viscosity of the standard at full scale. About 50% of the range, less than 10% of the full-scale and more than 90% of the range is inappropriate, it is worth noting that although with a large rotor (small rotor) combination at a low speed and using a small rotor (Large number) and high rotation speed can get the same measurement range, but in order to avoid high-speed eddy current and unstable measurement results while reducing the instrument wear, should try to choose the combination of small rotor and low speed.

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