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Test of Portable digital refractometer

- Nov 16, 2018 -

Test component of Portable digitale refractometer


Salinometer - Refractometer is designed according to the principle that different concentrations of liquid have different refractive index. It is an instrument that uses light test liquid.


Salinometer is used to quickly determine the weight of salt (sodium chloride) solution. Percent concentration or refractive index. Widely used in salt, food, beverage and other industrial sectors as well as agricultural production and scientific research. 

The seawater salinity meter is measured in units of one thousandth. With a simple operation, the user can quickly read the salt concentration or seawater specific gravity. It can be applied to seawater, fishery, seawater used by farms, seawater or artificial seawater used in aquarium, concentration management sugar meter for salt water used for storing fish. This instrument is used to quickly measure the concentration of sugar-containing solution and other non-sugar solutions. Or refractive index.

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