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The Instructions of Hand held refractometer

- Nov 12, 2018 -

The Instructions of Hand held refractometer

l. When using the hand-held refractometer, hold the rubber sleeve with the four fingers of the left hand and adjust the eyepiece with the right hand to prevent the body temperature from being transmitted to the instrument, which will affect the measurement accuracy.

2. Open the light plate and wipe the refractive prism with a soft flannel.

3. Drip a few drops of distilled water onto the refractive prism, gently close the light plate, distribute the solution evenly on the surface of the prism, and align the instrument into the light source or bright place. The eye observes the field of view through the eyepiece. If the field boundary is unclear, rotate the eyepiece to make the field of view clear, then rotate the zero-fixing screw to make the light-dark boundary line at zero. Then wipe the distilled water and replace it with the test solution. At this time, depending on the boundary line, the corresponding division scale value is the concentration value and density value of the tested solution.

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