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The level of the acidometer ph meter

- Jan 13, 2018 -

The level of the acidometer ph meter and the accuracy of the instrument are two different concepts, and the level of the instrument is not exactly the same as its accuracy. 

The level of the acidity meter is indicated by the division value (resolution or minimum display value) of its indicator (abbreviated as electrometer), for example, the instrument with the division of 0.1pH is called the 0.1 level instrument; the minimum display value is 0.001pH The instrument is called the 0.001 level instrument, and so on. 

The accuracy of the instrument is the total error of the standard solution of the electrometer and the electrode matching test. 

It is not only related to the electrometer, but also relates to the glass electrode and the reference electrode. Demands from the actual starting point, the meter divides the value of 0.1 ~ 0.001pH, if necessary, according to the current state of science and technology, can produce more sophisticated electricity meter. 

However, due to structural and manufacturing reasons, the performance of the commonly used electrodes can not reach the completely ideal level.

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