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Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometric instrument types are:

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Single wavelength single beam direct-reading spectrophotometer, single wavelength dual-beam automatic recording spectrometer and dual-wavelength dual-beam spectrophotometer.

Applications include: ① quantitative analysis, widely used in various materials, micro, ultra micro and constant inorganic and organic matter determination. ② qualitative and structural analysis, ultraviolet absorption spectra can also be used to infer the spatial hindrance effect, the strength of hydrogen bond, mutual variability, and geometric heterogeneity. ③ reaction Kinetics was studied, that is, to study the function relation of reactant concentration with time, to determine reaction speed and reaction progression, and to discuss the reaction mechanism. ④ studies the solution equilibrium, such as the determination of the composition of the complex, the stable constant, the acid-alkali dissociation constant, etc.

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