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Verification method of rotational viscometer

- May 29, 2018 -

1. Place the container containing the standard solution in a constant temperature circulating water bath.


2. Lower the rotational viscometer to the measurement position (if using LV or RV models, remember to use leg guards). Install the rotor. For the disc-shaped rotor, in order to prevent air bubbles from attaching to the rotor, the rotor is first tilted into the sample at an angle and then mounted on the viscometer head.


3, the entire set of rotating viscometer thermostat at least 1 hour, and stirring the standard before the measurement time to ensure the uniform temperature. After 1 hour, measure the temperature of the standard solution with a high precision thermometer. The temperature of the standard must be within 0.1°C (usually 25°C) at the specified temperature.


4. When the temperature of the standard solution reaches the test temperature, start the viscosity measurement and record the viscosity value.

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