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Viscometer Types

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Viscometer Types

By measuring the product type:

1. Paste viscometer:

Paste viscometer uses a coaxial double-cylindrical rotary viscometer with screw pump type sensor. It is mainly used to measure solder paste, film thickness paste, adhesive, solder resist paint, liquid resistance Weld paint, other inks, pastes, etc. According to the tightness of the measuring part, it has the ability to adjust the temperature, can connect to a personal computer, automatically measure, and read data automatically.

2.Portable viscometer: 

The portable viscometer uses a coaxial double-barrel, spiral-slip-slide pump sensor to maintain a    constant flow. The viscosity of the viscous body can be accurately measured based on the changes in the connected stirrer viscosity.

3. Viscosity controller: 

Viscosity controller can well manage the viscosity of various fluids such as paints, inks, adhesives, foods, medicines, oils, etc.; adopts coaxial double cylinder; spiral-line slide pump sensor maintains The fixed flow can obtain a stable value; it can measure the viscosity of the viscous body successively according to the change of the stirring viscosity.

4. Stormer Viscometer: 

The Stormer Viscometer is a test instrument used to determine paint and other KU values that indicate the viscosity of the paint. The instrument follows the design basis of the ASTM standard and the GB9269-88 standard.

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