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When pH meter is need Recalibration

- Jan 21, 2018 -

Calibration work is completed, the use of frequent pH meter generally within 48 hours the instrument does not need to be re-calibration. If you encounter any of the following conditions, the instrument needs to be recalibrated:

⑴ solution temperature and calibration temperature have a greater difference.

⑵ electrode exposed in the air for too long, such as more than half an hour.

⑶ positioning or slope regulator is malfunctioning;

⑷ measured acid (pH <2) or over-alkali (pH> 12) solution;

⑸ replaced after the electrode;

⑹ When the pH value of the solution under test is not in the middle of the selected solution at the two point calibration, and further away from 7pH.

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