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WYA-2WAJ Abbe refractometer instructions use

- Dec 27, 2017 -

WYA-2WAJ Abbe refractometer instructions use

The instrument can be used to quickly and accurately determine the refractive index, average dispersion, and partial dispersion of transparent or translucent solid and liquid materials (ie, 706.5 nm, 656.3 nm, 589.3 nm, 546.1 nm, 486.1 nm, 435.8 nm, 434.1 nm and 404.7nm wavelength of eight commonly used refractive index).

When optical glass grades are known to measure their refractive index very quickly, these data are extremely useful for the design and manufacture of optical instruments.

General instrument in the measurement of the refractive index of the sample need to have a certain size, and the instrument using the precise preparation of immersion method can be obtained the minimum refractive index of the sample, to protect the test sample is particularly important.

Since this instrument is based on the principle of refractive law, the refractive index of the specimen under test is not limited by the refractive index of the instrument prism. This is particularly useful for trial production of new products in the optical glass factory.

Because the measurement accuracy of the instrument is 5 × 10-5, the refractive index change after high-temperature heat treatment of the material can be measured.

Based on the above points, this instrument is one of the necessary instruments for optical glass factory, optical instrument factory and other relevant scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning.

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