Water Bath Laboratory Apparatus Electronic Thermostat Temperature with 17 L Capacity

Water Bath Laboratory Apparatus Electronic Thermostat Temperature with 17 L Capacity 1. Intr oduction of the Water Bath Laboratory The ME-HH-S6 Water Bath Laboratory, which is 17L capacity and with 6 holes, and digital display the temperature of the machine inside. 2. Technical P arameters of...

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Water Bath Laboratory Apparatus Electronic Thermostat Temperature with 17 L Capacity


1. Brief introduction of Digital thermostatic water bath

Digital thermostatic water bath is widely used in concentrated solution, distillation, dipping in chemical reagents, drugs and biologics. Microcomputer control temperature system, digital display and liner using stainless steel making. This series is suitable for thermostatic , baking, dewaxing, sterilization. 



2.17 L Temperature Water Bath Specifications


3. Water Bath Thermostat Detailed Shows







4. Distinguishing Feature

  • Stainless steel interior

  • Heat resisting and anticorrosion

  • Annular butterfly cover, easy to operate

  • Microprocessor PID control

  • High quality stainless steel material

  • ......

5. Electronic Water Bath Device Packing Accessories



6. Basic Trading Info. for the Water Tank.

  • Plug: America / European / Australia/ standard, and so on

  • MOQ: 1 PC

  • Market: Global Market 

  • Voltage: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz. 

  • Original: Guangzhou

7. MesuLab can Ship your Goods by Below Method and Suggest you to Choose a Low Cost way


8Our edges

1. MANUFACTURER in this field for so many years, much experienced with clients all over the world.

2. No MOQ required. We could start by one unit!

3. Strong technical team and reserve ensuring quality control, technical support, and after-sales backup.

4. Customized service and special specification could be met.

5. OEM available.

6. Flexible operation based on clients' needs.

Packing: carton box(1 unit in 1 box)

Shipping by air, by sea to port, and by courier of DHL/TNT/FedEx available.


9.  LAB Water Bath Heater Service

Normally all MesuLab products are supplied with a warranty of 12 Months from the date of shipment. This warranty is entirely dependent on the following conditions: 

1.The following circumstance don't belong to the warranty policy which is Man-made damages caused by improper operations.

2.The instruments must be operated in accordance with our operating guidelines; serviced and maintained on a reg-ular basis in accordance with the terms specified in the relevant user manual.

3. Only approved spare parts should be used in the instruments which bought from MesuLab and these should be changed on a regular basis as specified in the relevant user manual. Details of the approved spare parts and accessories for eaCh instrument are shown in the user manual or alternatively this information can be obtained from MesuLab.


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