Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer 1 nm Bandwidth with PC Software for Clinical Examination 1. Introduction of the Double Beam UV VIS Spectrophotometer The ME-UV1800PC Series include 3 models, the difference between these 3 models is the bandwidth. This series double beam UV spectrophotometers...

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Double beam spectrophotometer


1. Double beam spectrophotometer Introduce

The ME-UV1800PC Series double beam UV spectrophotometers is the successful implementation of the stringent requirements of high precision and high reliability of the measurement can meet the requirements of various applications. 



2. Double beam spectrophotometer Specifications:


3.The details of Double beam spectrophotometer


4. Applications

  • Geological survey: Determination of metal elements in minerals and inorganic salts

  • Medical Drug analysis:National Formulary" Available UV-visible spectrophotometry drugs for drug testing, drug analysis, pharmaceutical and other industries

  • Environmental monitoring: Monitoring water, air, rainfall and soil, etc., in which the determination of various pollutants


5. The Bright Spot of the Double beam spectrophotometer 

  • Can meet different measurements requirements

  • With PC Software can connect to the computer

  • With time scan function

  • Measurement data can be output through the printer with USB interface


6. Digital Double beam spectrophotometer Machine 


7. The Delivery Methods


8. Parts List

1). Double beam UV spectrophotometers ME-UV1800PC * 1pc


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