UV Spectrophotometer Price

UV-visible spectrophotometer, is an advanced base-type instrument, wavelength tuning automatic, accurate positioning, the host has a standard curve function, to complete photometric and concentration measurement, an extremely broad range of applications.

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UV Spectrophotometer Price

1. UV Spectrophotometer Price

ME-UV1100/ME-UV1200 UV-visible spectrophotometer, is the fine metering is higher than that of general grade instrument. It is testing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the UV-VIS  spectra, using microprocessor control technology, . Measurements with single operation, the linear regression equation.


2. Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer Data Sheet


3. UV Instrumentation Pictures 




4. The Using of UV VIS Spectrometers 

Metal elements: Ag Cu Pb Zn Co Ni K Na Ca Mg Li Mn Cr As, including precious metals

Environmental monitoring: Monitoring water, air, rainfall and soil, etc., in which the determination of various pollutants


5. The Odds of UV Spectrophotometer

  • Standard curve parameters can be powered down to save the measurement setup

  • Single-chip microcomputer control, 128 * 64 LCD

  • Huge memory space to store multiple sets of data and curves

  • Automatic wavelength adjustment

  • Spectrum scanning can be achieved through the PC software control is more precise and flexible measurement requirements (optional)

6. UV Photometer

Warranty: 1 year

We can start by one unit

OEM Design : YES

Plug: America / European / Australia/ standard, and so on

Strictly quality control when producing

Payment term: Bank TT /Credit Card / Paypal / Western Union / LC, etc.

7. MesuLab Instrument Supplier

We are a professional exporter of UV Visible Spectrophotometer with rich experience in product design, production, sales, delivery and after-sales service of analysis test equipment. Our laboratory insrtuments Tester is sold to many countries all over the world and is subject to customer's agreement Praise.

8. The UV Spectrophotometer Whole Set


9. Our Best Series for you

MesuLab Instruments can supply the goods with our customers 's  private labeling on our intruments , so that our customers can promote as their own brand. With the  many years experienced R&D team and computer-aided design, MesuLab instruments can provide custom made new cartons under customers' limited budget as well. On the whole,  MesuLab  can provide our customers  the best price-performance solutions and help customers strength their position in the market by developing competitive products with affordable price.

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