• UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price

UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price

Single Beam Spectrophotometer Auto Zero Range of 190 to 1100 nm with PC Software for DNA Protein Test 1. Introduction of the UV Visible Spectrophotometer The ME-UV1300PC / ME-UV1500PC ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer is developed with independent intellectual property rights. It features...

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UV VIS Spectrophotometer price


1. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Product Introduction:

The ME-UV1300PC / ME-UV1500PC UV-visible spectrophotometer is a high-quality scanning equipment, through the computer online, easily scan the whole band, and can complete the dynamics analysis, quantitative analysis and multi-wavelength analysis, is an extremely broad range of applications practical apparatus.


2. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Specifications: 




Wavelength Range



Band Width



Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Photometric Accuracy

±0.5% τ

Photometric Repeatability

0.2% τ

Stray Light

≤0.05% τ (220nm NaI,340nm NaNO2)



Photometric Mode


Photometric Display Range



Import Silicon Photodiode

Light Source

Import Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Power Requirement

120W,  AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz




3. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Image:

图片8(001).jpg 图片11(002).jpg


图片9(001).jpg 图片10(001).jpg

4. Application of the UV VIS Spectrophotometer  

Drug Analysis:

National Formulary" Available UV-visible spectrophotometry drugs for drug testing, drug analysis, pharmaceutical and other industries

Life Sciences:

DNA, protein concentration

Animal husbandry and Fishery:

Pesticide residues, crop composition testing, veterinary testing, feed testing, fertilizer testing, soil composition testing, testing and other aquaculture

Metal Elements:

Ag Cu Pb Zn Co Ni K Na Ca Mg Li Mn Cr As, including precious metals

Geological Survey:

Determination of metal elements in minerals and inorganic salts

Food Safety:

Content of additives, preservatives, perfumes, fats, enzymes, sugars, spices, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Environmental Monitoring:

Monitoring water, air, rainfall and soil, etc., in which the determination of various pollutants


5. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Competitive Advantage:

● Single-chip microcomputer control, LCD Screen (128*64 Dots)

● Large memory space ,can store multiple sets of data and curve.

● Auto zero,100% adjustment function, Auto wavelength adjustment

● Wrap lights,Auto filter changing, large sample pool(0.5mm ~ 100mm)

● Up to 10 standard sample for measure function of standard curve establish

● Direct input K, B factor for quantitative measurement of standard curve

● Can be directly input standard sample and the corresponding concentration values to establish the standard curve for quantitative measurement

● Switch off power save standard curve parameter measuring set

● Can be done any standard curve editor, convenient for use.

● With general parallel printer interface or printer interface, can print title bar, measurement data, curve of standard sample curve, and the curve.

● With USB interface, with PC Software


6. Features of the UV VIS Spectrophotometer PC Software

● Wavelength Scan: Sample can be 190-1100nm full band spectrum scan , can also be segmented scan

● Kinetic tests: the time of the measured object scanning , timely detection of changes in concentration caused by changes in absorbance

● Quantitative test:Establishing a standard curve,concentration can be measured in the analysis

● Multi- wavelength testing : set a plurality of wavelengths simultaneously , the measured absorbance of a plurality of wavelengths in the test

● DNA / protein test: the test formula purity of nucleic acid &protein concentration analysis of DNA /protein


7. Whole Set List of UV VIS Spectrophotometer

1. Main UV VIS spectrophotometer machine ME-UV1300PC/ ME-UV1500PC * 1pc

2. Glass Cuvette 10mm * 4pcs ; Quartz Cuvette 10mm * 2pcs

3. Power line * 1pc

4. Manual * 1pc

5. Dust cover* 1pc

6. PC Software * 1pc

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