UV VIS Spectrophotometer Price

Single Beam Spectrophotometer Auto Zero Range of 190 to 1100 nm with PC Software for DNA Protein Test 1. Introduction of the UV Visible Spectrophotometer The ME-UV1300PC / ME-UV1500PC ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer is developed with independent intellectual property rights. It features...

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UV VIS Spectrophotometer price


1. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Product Introduction:

The ME-UV1300PC / ME-UV1500PC UV-visible spectrophotometer is a high-quality scanning equipment, through the computer online, easily scan the whole band, and can complete the dynamics analysis, quantitative analysis and multi-wavelength analysis, is an extremely broad range of applications practical apparatus.


2. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Specifications: 




Wavelength Range



Band Width



Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Photometric Accuracy

±0.5% τ

Photometric Repeatability

0.2% τ

Stray Light

≤0.05% τ (220nm NaI,340nm NaNO2)



Photometric Mode


Photometric Display Range



Import Silicon Photodiode

Light Source

Import Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Power Requirement

120W,  AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz




3. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Image:

图片8(001).jpg 图片11(002).jpg


图片9(001).jpg 图片10(001).jpg

4. Application of the UV VIS Spectrophotometer  

Drug Analysis:

National Formulary" Available UV-visible spectrophotometry drugs for drug testing, drug analysis, pharmaceutical and other industries

Life Sciences:

DNA, protein concentration

Animal husbandry and Fishery:

Pesticide residues, crop composition testing, veterinary testing, feed testing, fertilizer testing, soil composition testing, testing and other aquaculture

Metal Elements:

Ag Cu Pb Zn Co Ni K Na Ca Mg Li Mn Cr As, including precious metals

Geological Survey:

Determination of metal elements in minerals and inorganic salts

Food Safety:

Content of additives, preservatives, perfumes, fats, enzymes, sugars, spices, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Environmental Monitoring:

Monitoring water, air, rainfall and soil, etc., in which the determination of various pollutants


5. UV VIS Spectrophotometer Competitive Advantage:

● Single-chip microcomputer control, LCD Screen (128*64 Dots)

● Large memory space ,can store multiple sets of data and curve.

● Auto zero,100% adjustment function, Auto wavelength adjustment

● Wrap lights,Auto filter changing, large sample pool(0.5mm ~ 100mm)

● Up to 10 standard sample for measure function of standard curve establish

● Direct input K, B factor for quantitative measurement of standard curve

● Can be directly input standard sample and the corresponding concentration values to establish the standard curve for quantitative measurement

● Switch off power save standard curve parameter measuring set

● Can be done any standard curve editor, convenient for use.

● With general parallel printer interface or printer interface, can print title bar, measurement data, curve of standard sample curve, and the curve.

● With USB interface, with PC Software


6. Features of the UV VIS Spectrophotometer PC Software

● Wavelength Scan: Sample can be 190-1100nm full band spectrum scan , can also be segmented scan

● Kinetic tests: the time of the measured object scanning , timely detection of changes in concentration caused by changes in absorbance

● Quantitative test:Establishing a standard curve,concentration can be measured in the analysis

● Multi- wavelength testing : set a plurality of wavelengths simultaneously , the measured absorbance of a plurality of wavelengths in the test

● DNA / protein test: the test formula purity of nucleic acid &protein concentration analysis of DNA /protein


7. Whole Set List of UV VIS Spectrophotometer

1. Main UV VIS spectrophotometer machine ME-UV1300PC/ ME-UV1500PC * 1pc

2. Glass Cuvette 10mm * 4pcs ; Quartz Cuvette 10mm * 2pcs

3. Power line * 1pc

4. Manual * 1pc

5. Dust cover* 1pc

6. PC Software * 1pc

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