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ME-NDJ-5S rotary viscometer Using high-performance imported microcomputer chip, imported stepper motor and other key components, with LCD backlight display.

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Oil rotary viscometer suppliers


1. Introduction of oil rotary viscometer

ME-NDJ-5S oil rotary viscometer is high technical instrument, which with some function of program setting, automatic control, timing measurement, automatic scanning, level instrument front, error alarm and other functions.



2. Specification of oil rotary viscometer


3. Pictures of oil rotary viscometer

4. oil rotary viscosity meter The Use

Rotary viscosity meter widely used in all need to rapid determination of viscometer in the industry, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, agriculture, forestry and agricultural, dairy, paper making, etc. 

5. The Strong Point of oil viscosity meter

  1. With timing Measurements function, and Temperature Probe Interface.

  2. it can show kinematic viscosity at a known density situation, great to meet  users’ different requirements.

  3. Viscosity test is accurate, each measuring range is computer self-calibration, high precision, and avoid error. 

6. Trading Information 

  1. Voltage: 220v, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz. The voltage can be as local demand.

  2. Payment term: Bank TT /Credit Card / Paypal / Western Union / LC, etc.

  3. Warranty: 1 year

  4. MOQ: 1 PC

7. Carriage of  


8. Oil viscosity meter Packing


9. Wholesaler Advantage of   


10. Rotary viscosity supply serving 

1.We supply viscosity meter for many years. Our customers are all over the world. So we have professional skills and knowledge as well as rich experience to solve all the problems that can happen in the future.

2. Considerate Service Different countries plugs, manually change the-voltage from 100V to 240V, insurance indicator.

3. 1 year warranty excellent after sale service: 

4. Quick delivery:We can supply our product in 3 days after payment.

5. New product promotion :We will update our product every year to meet your requirement. 

6. Good Packaging:We sure to make every piece of product will be well packaged , which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc. 

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