Viscosity Testing Equipment

Food Rotary Viscometer Professional Touch Screen with PC Software and Shows the Curve and Print Data 1. Introduction of the Touch Screen Viscometer The ME-NDJ-T Series touch screen viscometer include 4 models. This rotational viscometer with stylish and modern high technology , which can measure...

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Viscosity testing equipment


1. About of the Touch Screen Viscometer

ME-NDJ-T series with a 5 inch touch screen , it can display some specifications items, working condition, help the users to operate the instrument more intuitional easier,convenient and easier. 


2. Specification of the Viscometer


3. Image Display of the Viscosity Testing Equipment


ME-NDJ-T Series 2(001).jpg





4. Application the Touch Screen Rotational Viscometer

The type of rotational viscometer widely used in a variety of fluid which need to measure the viscosity and the fluid under high temperature melting,  such as the paints, coatings, cosmetics, inks, paper pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent-based glue, latex, and other biochemical products,  and some items need for high-temperature melting, such as asphalt, wax, hot melt adhesives, etc.

5. Advantage of the Viscosity Measurement Tools

1. It with 30pcs measuring progress, save 30pcs testing result data, which can help users get the Viscosity and related datas of the sample quickly and accurately.

2. 5 inch color touch-screen , which can show many specifications and working condition, make the operate more easier and intuitive.

3. It can show the curve, printing data.

4. Prepositive level meter, level adjustment, easy and intuitive.

5. Optional accessories: Temperature probe, thermostatic water bath , thermostatic cups, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil ), etc.

6. Viscosity measurement device


7. Transport of  


8. The Accessories of the Viscosity Meter


9. Wholesaler Advantage of     

The company's various types of equipment or devices are developed by their own production, with completely independent intellectual property rights, to ensure that users of long-term, safe use. Instrument warranty for one year, life-long service.

10. Serving of the Rotational Viscometer


If you face any problems in future during testing process we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 7 working days. We can offer operation video and English operation manual. We can provide video-con.

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