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China Moisture Analyzer Manufacturers


1. Profile of the Moisture analyzer 

Moisture analyzer has the advantages of small size, multi-function, easy to use, easy operation and strong structure. Moisture analyzer has many practical functions such as weighing calibration, temperature time setting, automatic and manual drying operation selection and variable data display Sexual function.


2. Data Sheet of the Moisture Machine


3. The Pictures of the Moisture Metres


4. The Use of the Bench Top Halogen Moisture analyzer

The desktop halogen moisture analyzer is suitable for the determination of moisture in some foodstuffs, such as tea, corn, coffee and any other material that needs to be tested for moisture.


5. Features of the Moisture analyzer

  • Easy for use 

  • The power consumption is 400W

  • Relative humidity must be less than 75%

  • Small volume, light weight



8. Transport 



9. Factory can Provide for you below Items


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