Halogen Moisture Balance Analyzer 2 mg 100 G for Analyzer Tea Food and Grain

Halogen Moisture Balance Analyzer 2 mg 100 g for Analyzer Tea Food and Grain 1. Introduction of t he Digital Halogen Moisture M eter TheME-DHS16-A digital Halogen Moisture meter, which is high performance instruments for test the moisture, it can also be assorted with standard RS232 serial...

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Halogen Moisture Balance Analyzer 2 mg 100 g for Analyzer Tea Food and Grain


1. Introduction of the Digital Halogen Moisture Meter 

Halogen moisture meter is a new rapid moisture testing instrument.cricoid halogen lamp ensures samples of even heating with simple operation,accurate measurement .When measuring the samples weight, at the same time, halogen moisture meter uses annular tube heating mode, rapidly drys samples, in the process of drying, moisture meter keeps measuring and displays the quantity of samples moisture loss, after drying,the final determination of moisture content value will be locked display.Compared with the oven heating method, halogen heating method can evenly rapidly dry samples at high temperature, not damaging the surface of the samples.Alternatively,the test results have good consistency with the method of national standard oven, while the detection efficiency is much higher than the oven method.For it just needs a few minutes to complete tests.


2. Technical Parameters of moisture analyser equip 


3. Product Details of the H2O analyzer


DHS 包装.jpg




7. Standard Accessories of moisture testerimage.png 

8. Carriage of


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