Moisture Meters

    • Portable Digital Moisture Meter

      Portable Digital Moisture Meter

      This type of portable digital moisture meter is handheld, with the smart outlook, and English version Panel and Manual. It can displays the moisture level directly. In addition, it can also measure the moisture water...

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    • Halogen Moisture Detector

      Halogen Moisture Detector

      The halogen lamp grain moisture meter is to test grain seeds moisture content with halogen lamp heating, normally, it need 5-30mins preheating time , and the time depends on the whether , if in the cold whether, the...

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    • Moisture Meter

      Moisture Meter

      Moisture Meter 1. Moisture Meter Introduce The instrument halogen moisture meter is designed in accordance with the thermogravimetric principle. While the instrument measures the weight of samples, halogen heating...

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    • Halogen Moisture Meter

      Halogen Moisture Meter

      Halogen Moisture Balance Analyzer 2 mg 100 g for Analyzer Tea Food and Grain 1. Introduction of t he Digital Halogen Moisture M eter TheME-DHS16-A digital Halogen Moisture meter, which is high performance instruments...

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