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Analyzer Technical Parameters

- Jul 19, 2017 -

◇ Wavelength Range: 400~800nm automatic adjustment

◇ absorbance Range: $number. 999A

◇ concentration range: 0.000~99.99% automatic shift display

◇ Key form: keyboard shortcut

◇ Display mode: computer display

◇ Data storage: Computer storage data can be stored permanently

◇ power supply: AC 220v±10% 50hz±5%

◇ Power consumption: ≤350w

◇ Measuring range: Manganese 0.10~15.00%, Silicon 0.10~5.00%, Phosphorus 0.005~0.80%, copper 0.02~5.00%, titanium 0.01~1.50%,

Vanadium 0.005~0.50% chromium 0.01~25.0%, molybdenum 0.101~6.00%, magnesium 0.010~0.100%, aluminum 0.010~0.20%

Tungsten 0.05~0.30%, nickel 0.010~30.0%, rare earth 0.01~0.100%, fe ... If the test conditions are changed, the range can be expanded accordingly.

◇ Analysis time: two minutes or so

◇ Analysis Error: Conform to GB223.3~5~1988 and other national standards

◇ the method of analysis: Adopting the method of external dissolution of machine and photoelectric colorimetry.

◇ Standard-like curve: Memory storage 99 curves (can be arbitrarily increased according to user needs), using the regression method to establish the curve equation.

◇ input and Output mode: Brand computer control, data export format can be any set according to laboratory requirements, printer output.

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