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Calibration Program For Ph Metre

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Calibration program for ph metre

(1) In the laboratory preparation of the appropriate PH standard PH4.01PH6.86 or PH9.18 optional two, according to the fluctuation range of field water samples selection standard solution. If the scene of the water often acidic, then choose PH4.01, PH6.86 two standard; if the water quality is often alkaline, then select PH6.86, PH9.18 two standard.

(2) Remove the sensor from the field and clean the glass electrode of the probe with clean water.

(3) The two standards were poured into the prepared two beakers.

(4) The electrode immersed in the first standard solution, open the instrument menu, calibration first point different brands of instruments, calibration menu operation method is different, according to the random instructions.

(5) After the first pass, rinse the electrode with clean water, then place the electrode into the second standard liquid. Turn the meter menu to calibrate the second point.

(6) Two-point calibration is completed, different brands of instruments in different ways to display whether the instrument passed the verification or eligibility.

(7) If passed, the electrode back to the measured liquid, the instrument put into operation.

(8) If the meter calibration fails, repeat the above process to calibrate it again. If not, replace the pH electrode. pH electrode life is generally about two years.

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