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Calibration Solution Pf The Ph Analyzer

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Calibration solution pf the ph meter

Do you have to calibrate the pH calibration?

pH measurement usually colorimetry (pH paper or cuvette) and electrode method two. Colorimetric certainly not calibration, and the electrode method must be calibrated, because the electrode method is to measure the pH of the unknown solution and known pHs standard solution in the measurement of the role of the battery compared to the electrode method pH measurement of the "operational definition "The decision.

pH meter due to the design of different types and many different types of operation steps are different, and therefore the operation of the pH meter should be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use correctly. In specific operations, calibration is an important step in the pH meter's operation. The data in Table 1 is an accuracy of 0.01. The calibration of the calibrated pH value of the calibrated pH meter after unmetered and calibrated measurements shows the importance of the calibration.

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