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Classification For Precision Electronic Balances

- Dec 18, 2018 -

Precision electronic balances


1. Electronic balances and their classification can be divided into the following categories according to the accuracy of electronic balances.


1. Ultra-micro electronic balance: The maximum weighing of ultra-micro balance is 2 to 5g, and the scale index value is less than (maximum) weighing 10-6.

2. Microbalance: The weighing of the microbalance is generally 3 to 50g, and the division value is less than the maximum (maximum) weighing of 10-5.

3, semi-micro balance: semi-micro balance weighing is generally 20 to 100g, the division value is less than (maximum) weighing 10-5,

4, constant electronic balance: the maximum weighing of such a balance is generally 100 to 200g, the division value is less than (maximum) weighing 10-5,

5. Analytical balance: In fact, the electronic analytical balance is the general term for constant balance, semi-micro balance, micro balance and ultra-micro balance.

6. Precision electronic balances: These electronic balances are collectively referred to as electronic balances with an accuracy level of II.

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