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How To Adjust The Balance Of The Two Leveling Feet Of The Rotary Viscometer

- May 05, 2018 -

Rotational viscometer use steps, as follows:


1. Clean the rotary viscometer and adjust the two leveling feet until the blisters on top of the rotary viscometer are in the center position. (Level adjustment)


2. Mount the rotor protection frame on the rotating viscometer (rotate it to the right and remove it to the left)


3. Screw the selected rotor into the connecting rod of the rotating viscometer (rotate it to the left and remove it to the right)


4. Plug in the power and turn on the switch button on the back of the viscometer.


5. Enter the Rotating Viscometer Rotor number selected: Each time the rotor key is pressed, the rotor number displayed on the Rotary Viscometer screen changes accordingly until the screen shows the selected rotor number.


6. Select the speed: Press the "Speed" button to set the speed, and by pressing the TAB key, you can shift to the current display of the ten, one and one-tenth of the speed. After the selection, press the number increase key or subtract to set the ten. Bit, unit and decile speed. After the speed is set, press the speed key to confirm.

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