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How To Use A Viscometer

- Jun 06, 2018 -

1, the machine must be kept horizontal

2. When the rotor is placed in the sample, avoid air bubbles, otherwise the measured viscosity value will be reduced. The avoidance method is to tilt the rotor into the sample, and then install the rotor, the rotor can not touch the cup wall and the bottom of the cup. The sample being measured must not have a specified scale.

3. When measuring different samples, the rotor must be kept clean and dry. If the rotor has other samples or residual water after cleaning, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement.

4, the acidity (PH) can not exceed 2 maximum, if the acid is too large should use special rotor, use the ULA to determine the sample size (only 16ml)

5. Select the viscosity standard solution according to the measured viscosity range, and verify the instrument before each use of the viscometer or rheometer, or check it regularly to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. The Newtonian fluid can be provided in each viscosity range. The accuracy of the standard silicone oil or oil standard is ±1%, and the recommended service life of the viscosity standard fluid is one year from the opening of the seal.

6. When connecting the rotor, use your left hand to gently hold and pinch the spindle (on the main unit) and rotate the rotor with your right hand. This operation is to protect the mandrel and the hairspring in the fuselage, which can extend the service life of the instrument.

7, when the value is relatively stable, otherwise the obtained value will have a large error

8. When selecting the rotor, it depends on the viscosity of the sample being measured and the measuring range of the rotor number closest to the rotor.

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