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Laboratory Centrifuge Can Be Divided Into Industrial Laboratory Centrifuge And Medical Laboratory Centrifuge.

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Industrial laboratory centrifuge

Industrial laboratory centrifuge is mainly used for all kinds of research machinery, universities, enterprise laboratories, small test stage of data collection and analysis. Through the material adaptability and separation of the various stages of the data analysis and comparison to facilitate the pilot and mass production stage of the production and application selection.

The machine looks beautiful, small and flexible, can be placed directly on the table to operate, and the material contact parts can be used to produce a variety of materials or spray treatment to meet the needs of the experiment.

Its working principle is accelerated by the centrifugal force, so that the sedimentation speed significantly accelerated, and through the filter media, such as filter cloth and other separation work.

There are four specifications to choose from, respectively, 200 filter type, 315 filter type, 315 settlement type, 315 filter sedimentation machine.

Design speed: 3000 rpm.

Medical laboratory centrifuge

Medical laboratory centrifuge is mainly used for medical experiments, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biological research institutes, fine chemicals.

working principle:

The working principle of the filter centrifuge is basically the same, mainly through the centrifugal force, the mixture thrown into the drum wall, the liquid through the drum wall of the small holes and the internal filter outflow, and solid due to larger particles, Trapped by the filter, with the centrifugal time increases, the accumulation of solids into the drum filter more and more, to meet the requirements after the shutdown, remove the solid to observe the need for liquid recovery of liquid and then processed.

Sediment type experimental centrifuge is through the solid liquid (or liquid liquid) different weight difference, the proportion of the larger material will be deposited in the drum wall inside, the lighter material in the inside to form a liquid ring, to meet the separation requirements, The unique skim device draws out the inner layer liquid or by continuously feeding it out from the upper part of the liquid level to complete a working cycle.

Main material: carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 / 316L stainless steel and others

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