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Main Features Of Analyzer

- Jul 19, 2017 -

The instrument/system consists of a digital output variable frequency transmitter and a digital input of two meters, both through the optical fiber connection. It avoids the attenuation and interference of the transmission link in the complex electromagnetic environment completely.

The measured minimum accuracy index is used as the nominal accuracy index in various test conditions of electrical appliances such as motor, inverter, transformer and energy-saving lamps.

According to the voltage, current range from the 1mv~20kv, 100ua~7000a, frequency conversion electric transmitter has more than 100 kinds of specifications to choose from, for high voltage and large current measurement, both low voltage and small current transmitter can be used with external sensors, and direct measurement of high voltage and large current frequency transducer can be used to reduce intermediate links and improve system measurement accuracy.

Each analyzer can be configured with $number power unit (frequency conversion transmitter), for more power unit testing projects, can use multiple analyzers cascade, under the control of synchronous fiber, realize the accurate synchronization measurement between multiple analyzers.

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