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Overview Of UV Spectrophotometer

- Dec 07, 2017 -

MesuLab spectrophotometry is based on the absorption spectrum of the material to study the composition of matter, structure and substance of the effective means of interaction. It is a banded spectrum that reflects the information of certain groups in the molecule. You can use the standard light spectrum combined with other means of qualitative analysis.

According to the law of Lambert-Beer, the absorption of light is proportional to the thickness of absorption layer. Beer's law shows that the absorption of light is proportional to the concentration of solution. If both the absorption layer thickness and the concentration of solution are taken into consideration, Beer's law. Ie A = εbc, (A is the absorbance, ε is the molar extinction coefficient, b is the bath thickness, and c is the solution concentration), the solution can be quantitatively analyzed.

The analytical sample and the standard sample were prepared in the same solvent at the same concentration, and the UV-Vis absorption spectra were measured under the same conditions. If both are the same substance, the spectra of the two should be exactly the same. If there is no standard, it can be compared with the ready-made standard spectrum control. This method requires accurate instruments, high precision, and the determination of the same conditions.

Experiments show that the different polar solvents have different hydrogen bond strength, which can be used to determine the UV intensity of the compound in different solvents, hydrogen bond strength to determine which solvent to choose.

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