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PH-sensitive Glass Membranes For A Ph Meter

- Mar 20, 2018 -

What is the difference between different pH-sensitive glass membranes for a ph meter ?

From the shape point of view, pH-sensitive glass membrane can be made into spherical, cylindrical, planar and tapered and other different shapes, mainly in line with the shape of the measured medium. 

Such as spherical and cylindrical, mainly for liquid medium; flat mainly for semi-solid medium containing water, such as skin, meat, leather, paper, etc .; tapered mainly used to penetrate the internal measurement of media, such as soil, fruits Wait. 

From the composition of the components to see even greater distinction, there are sensitive glass for conventional use film, there are sensitive glass for high temperature use of the film, there are sensitive acids for the use of acid or alkali glass film, for high temperature steam sterilization (130 ℃) Sensitive glass films, and sensitive glass films for low temperature and low ionic strength and the like. Inaccurate or unsteady pH measurements can have a significant effect on the improper selection of pH-sensitive glass films.

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