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Porket Refarctometer Precautions

- Nov 16, 2018 -

Porket refarctometer Precautions

This instrument is a precision optical instrument. In use and maintenance, the following should be noted:

1. In use, it must be carefully and carefully used strictly according to the instructions. Do not loosen the connection parts of the instrument arbitrarily. Do not drop, collide, or violent vibration.

2. After use, it is forbidden to directly put it into the water for cleaning. Apply clean and soft flannel to wipe it clean. For the surface of optical parts, it should not be scratched or scratched.

3. The instrument should be stored in a place that is dry, dust-free, oil-free and free of acid and other corrosive gases, so as to avoid corrosion or mildew of optical parts.

4. The warranty period of the instrument is one year from the date of sale. If the fault occurs during normal use, the user has not repaired it by himself. Our factory is responsible for free maintenance. If the warranty period is exceeded or the malfunction is caused by improper use, the factory is responsible for maintenance. , properly charge the repair fee.

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