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Rotary Viscometer With Dial And Pointer Reading

- May 24, 2018 -

The rotating viscometer is rotated by the synchronous motor at a stable speed, connected to the scale disc, and then driven by the hairspring and the rotating shaft to rotate the rotor. If the rotor is not subjected to liquid resistance, the hairspring, the pointer and the dial rotate at the same speed, and the pointer is on the dial The reading indicated above is "0". Conversely, if the rotor is subjected to viscous resistance of the liquid, the balance spring produces a torque which finally balances with the viscous resistance. At this time, the hand connected to the hairspring indicates a certain reading on the dial ( That is, the twist angle of the hairspring). Multiply the reading by a specific coefficient to obtain the viscosity of the liquid. The rotational speed of the instrument is changed by the gear system and the clutch through the speed control knob. Four kinds of rotors, Nos. 1-4 are attached, according to the liquid to be measured. The height is matched with the rotation speed; it is equipped with a fixed pointer control mechanism, which is used for accurate readings. When the rotation speed is fast (30 rpm, 60 rpm), the reading cannot be performed while rotating, and then it can be gently pressed. Pointer lever, so that the pointer is fixed, easy to read; also equipped with a fixed bracket and lifting mechanism, generally in the laboratory for small and fixed temperature determination should be fixed. The rotational viscosity of the solid Set on the bracket to ensure measurement accuracy; Helical gears and damping lifting mechanism ensure that the rotary viscometer moves smoothly; The extension cable is convenient when the liquid to be measured is large and the liquid level is low, and the measured liquid temperature is too high. Use in case.


Correctly select the rotor or adjust the speed so that the value is between 20 and 90 squares. Rotary viscometer uses dial and pointer readings, its stability and reading deviation together have 0.5 grids, if the reading is too small as near 5 grid, the relative error caused by more than 10%, if you choose the right rotor or speed Readings in 50, then the relative error can be reduced to 1%. If the value is more than 90, the torque generated by the hairspring is too large, creep easily occurs, and the hairspring is damaged, so it is necessary to correctly select the rotor and the rotation speed.

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