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Rotating Viscometer To Perform Periodic Verification

- Apr 23, 2018 -

After starting the rotary viscometer, the main test is to determine the zero position. This operation is generally performed in an environment where the rotor is not installed, and then the inner cylinder of radius R2 is coaxially installed in the outer cylinder of the radius R1, and the viscous fluid is filled in between. The synchronous electromechanical is twisted at a stable rate, and the scale discs are successively connected, and then the inner cylinder (ie, the rotor) is driven to rotate by the hairspring and the rotary shaft. The inner cylinder (ie, the rotor) is subjected to a fluid-based viscous torque, and the greater the effect, the hairspring is. The greater the torque that occurs in response to this, the greater the scale that the pointer indicates on the dial. Multiply the reading by a specific factor to obtain the liquid's dynamic viscosity.


The rotational viscometer is driven by a miniature synchronous motor that rotates at a constant speed of 750r/min and is almost unaffected by changes in load and supply voltage. The motor's shell adopts the suspension installation. The rotational viscometer rotates the rotating drum through the rotating shaft. When the rotating drum rotates in the liquid to be measured, it receives the viscous resistance, thus producing a reaction force to deflect the motor casing. The two metal springs, which are installed in a reversed manner, are connected. The rotation of the housing causes the balance spring to generate torque. When the example of the balance spring and the viscous drag torque reach equilibrium, the pointer of the rotary viscometer connected with the motor housing indicates a certain value on the dial. This value is proportional to the viscous resistance of the rotating drum, so the scale reading The spin factor is used to indicate the magnitude of the dynamic viscosity.


The rotating viscometer in use is to be subjected to periodic verification. If necessary (viscometers are used frequently or in a critical state of acceptance), an intermediate self-check is required to confirm that the measurement performance is satisfactory, and the coefficient error is within the allowable range. Otherwise, accurate data cannot be obtained.

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