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Six-speed Rotational Viscometer

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Six-speed rotational viscometer multi-point measurement of the value of the rheological curve, to determine the flow of liquid in the flow process, select the appropriate calculation formula, non-Newtonian fluid for more accurate measurements for the study of the rheological parameters of the drilling fluid in the field At the same time, a series of technical parameters such as dynamic and static forces, fluidity index and consistency coefficient can be determined. The need for safe, fast and scientific drilling. It has the characteristics of convenient operation and accurate testing.


The liquid is placed in two concentric circular annulus spaces. The motor drives the outer cylinder to rotate at a constant speed through the transmission device. The viscous effect of the measured liquid acts on the inner cylinder to generate a certain torque, and the inner cylinder connected with the torsion spring is driven. Create an angle. The rotation angle of the six-speed rotating viscometer is proportional to the viscosity of the liquid, so the viscosity measurement of the liquid is converted into the measurement of the rotation angle of the inner cylinder.

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